Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tom the Turkey

First a response to a comment on a previous post. Apparantly there is an authorship dispute over Twas the Night Before Christmas. I did not know this until just recently but once I heard about it I felt I had to give credit to both Clement Clarke Moore and Henry Livingston.

As you know by now we pulled Tom the Turkey this year. We brought friends with us too.

We arrived at our usual parking spot on Chestnut just by 18th street. We walked down to the Crowne Plaza Hotel to get our jumpsuits and straw cowboy hats and headed out to Tom the Turkey. However, since he is a cold air balloon they would not be inflating him until just before 'take off' so we were instructed to go back to the hotel and come back by 7:30. Since it was pretty cold outside (and still dark) we did go back for a little while but we were back on the street by 7:00 a.m. The jumpsuits make one very warm and once the sun came up it wasn't too bad outside.

I think i'll let the pictures speak for the day except to add that we had the best balloon rep. His name was Steve. This was his first time in Philadelphia. The company Fabulous Inflatables is in Michigan. Anyway, he was very careful with the ballon but intent on letting us have fun. We asked if we could spin a cold air balloon. It's on a cart and we weren't sure it would work. He wasn't either. But he went away and came back to say yes we can! And he made sure we spun it every chance we got. Steve was like a kid at the parade himself taking pictures and asking questions about our city; but not shirking his duty to the balloon. It was awesome!

Here we are on the 6ABC website.

Enjoy the photos.

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