Sunday, November 28, 2010

Burn off the Bird; catching up and other rambling stuff

Emma arrived on Wednesday night and stayed through yesterday. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with Gumpop and Dinana on Thursday and a relaxing day on Friday. Saturday Emma got up with me (5:30 for me; 6:00 for her) and we volunteered at the Burn off the Bird 5K in Phoenixville.
This event was put on by the Phoenixville Jaycees. My running friend, Jen is one of the co-organizers. Three other Phillyfitters (Helen, Jeannie and Maggi) volunteered also and three Phillyfitters ran in it (John, Sherry and Dorreen). Saturday was very cold and windy. I was really glad I wasn't running although standing around in the cold wind wan't really a picnic either. Our job as volunteers was that of course marhsall. We were to stand at spots around the course and keep the runners and walkers on the right course and keep cars from running them down. My spot was at the corner of Grant and South. Here the participants came down the hill on Grant street only to head back up a steeper hill on South. This made for some very interesting looks and comments form the participants. I did my best to encourage them to keep moving and keep smiling.

I stood in the middle of the street so that any cars that approached this intersection had to slow down (or so I hoped). This gave me a chance to encourage them to turn a different way or to go very slow if they had to go down that street. Most of the drivers were cooperative. Several, though. were way too pushy.
My cousin, Mary Beth Miller (now Moser) lives in Kimberton, not too far away. We recently reconnected on Facebook. I sent her a note on Saturday letting her know I would be at the race and asked if she wanted to come down and met me. She did and we had a nice 30 minute catch up on family. We parted with a promise to get together for lunch during the Christmas-New Year week. I really hope we do.

Emma and I played some board games this weekend too. We played boggle and Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego. She beat me handly at boggle but I won Carmen Sandiago. It was nice. I love board games but don't get to play as much anymore.

Today I attempted my first run since the marathon. I had gone out for walks twice since last Sunday and both felt great. Today I went for a 2 mile walk. It was must more difficult than I had expected or hoped for. But nothing hurts so I think it's ok for me to continue a few more this week. My official training schedule for the Gettysburg Marathon (May 1st) begins December 18 with a 5 mile run. Until then I am giong to work on a few 2 and 3 mile runs to get back in the feel of it.

I've also introduced an exercise ball into my routine today. I'd like to do this workout 3 time a week; Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday would be ideal. These exercises will work my core (front and back) which will in turn should make my running more efficient and therefore less stressful. Theoretically, I should be able to last longer with a stronger core as well.

I gave up my Planet Fitness membership. It was not that expensive but I don't go enough (in my opinion) to make even the low monthly fee worthwhile. I purchased the exercies ball for $10 and can use it more effectively than the machines at the gym. I don't like the treadmill so I will also purchase a pair of trax for my sneakers so I can run outside even when it is icy out. The single purchases of the trax and the exersice ball are far less than the total annual expense of the gym and they will go far beyond one year as well.
Now it's off to decorate the tree and put up the Christmas village. Enjoy your Sunday!

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