Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011 Parade; Cornucopia

This year we drafted our friends Kristie and Mike McCourt and Teresa Rogan to walk with us. We were all assigned to the Cornucopia balloon. This brought us to the realization that a lot of people don't know what cornucopia is. And if you don't you'll just have to check out our pictures to find out :)

We arrived at the Crowne Plaza at 6 a.m. Upon arrival we were told that we would be on Good Morning America at the 7:30 break. Garfield and his handlers were scheduled for the spot but Garfield blew up - really he did. So no Garfield in this year's parade. Unfortunately our 15 seconds of fame on GMA was upstaged by the Bucket Buds (Garfield's handlers). They were all gathered in front of us so were not seen. At first I though this rather stinky since they 'obviously' mishandled their balloon but then we were told that the script called for an interview with the Bucket Buds and Sam Champion was prepped for that so they had to go ahead with it. Dave's umpire friend Sue is a member of the Bucket Buds. It was fun to see her again.

Our balloon was behind a band and in front of a turkey float. Our balloon captains were awesome and let us spin the balloon a lot. As a result though we were running behind most of the time so had very little standing still time. I missed that because I like taking advnatage of the standing still time to let little kids in the crowd hold the balloon. I only got to do it once and the little boy was so cute. "I'm strong," he said proudly, "I can do this!" It was awesome!!!

I have only one very very minor complaint about today. The headline sponsor was Dunkin Donuts but there was no Dunkin Donuts or DD coffee to be found anywhere. :(

Last year I had my picture taken with Sam Champion. This year I wanted to get it taken with Adam Joseph. I had my chance just before we went on TV at the Art Museum. He was sitting in a golf cart waiting to head to his next post. I hesitate a second and poof my opportunity was gone. Perfect example of you snooze you lose. Oh well.

Click here for the pictures to read more about our day.

If you'd like to join us next year let me know. We'd love to have you!

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ktjl92 said...

Saw your photos via Facebook - no link in the blog post though. Sorry you didn't get your photo op, but I don't know who Sam Champion is - nor Adam Joseph for that matter! =)

We saw your float on TV - pretty sure I picked out you and Dave. Glad you had fun once again!

2012 - I'll be there!